Sunday, 6 January 2008

Hey - that's our stuff!

Boxes everywhere!


Well - it's started!  A whole day of boxing up our life, followed on the second day by picking up the last bits and pieces.  It's amazing how you can reduce everything in to a load of boxes!

Everything was packed meticulously, even a 10p frame bought from Oliver's school fete was wrapped, double wrapped and triple wrapped in paper.  They packed so fast that before their tea had got cold, they had already packed the broadband router!

The team of 4 (all members of the same family - father, two sons and a grandson) whirled around the house, telling us that the best thing we could do was "keep out of the way"...!  It's going to be like Securing it all in placeChristmas when it arrives at the other end as everything (and I mean everything) is wrapped rather than being just chucked in a box - even the hoover now resembles a mini-brown-paper-wigwam!

When the container arrived, a funny thing happened.  The whole family decided to get into the container and shut the doors . . . we thought it was only a problem with people trying to get into the UK rather than out!  It turns out that you have to get in to check that there are no holes in the container.  So, they went in, checked they could see no daylight, and then the container was certified fit for purpose!  Personally I'd have quite liked a container that was a bit Sea you at the other end!cleaner and one that didn't smell of the sea and a bit of old fish, but I guess that's why everything is wrapped!  Then the putting together of the jigsaw started.  All of the boxes were meticulously put together so that there was no space between them where it could all bang together and potentially break.  When everything was in, the container was locked and sealed and ready to balance precariously on the top of a ship, which hopefully won't get stuck on a sandbank in the middle of the Channel. 

Just one question...where did we put the passports?

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