Sunday, 17 February 2008

Our House . . . .

IMG_1204Firstly, apologies for the lack of communication.  We had our house, then the container arrived, and frankly, I got stern looks from the man of the house when I picked up the computer, rather than sorting through our belongings and sorting the house!  We are now in a "not too bad" state and have taken some photos to show you the kind of house we are in!

This is (clearly) the lounge - one photo from one and then the other from the other!!!  The house kind of runs left to right - the left hand door in the first photo is the door to the kitchen.  The doorway you can see in the second photo is the door to the dining IMG_1201room.  Clearly, we have no curtains nor rug yet - they are due in about a week.  The children are also oblivious to the photos being taken around them - for the initiated among you, you will probably identify Lazytown on the TV - not a chance in capturing their attention. 

We have nice high ceilings  - I think about 10-11 feet and air conditioning vents in all rooms, which is so needed.  It's been hot for the last few days (well, about 26 degrees C and quite muggy) and only February!!!



This is the dining room - it looks a bit dark, but I think it's just the sun streaming through the window.  For the eagle-eyed of you,you will notice our glorious picnic chairs taking pride of place - proper chairs are due to arrive this week!!!



Next up is the kitchen - it's quite basic and really the quality is not great.  Dark wood and marble counters are really not my cup of tea!!  The rental market here also means that we have to provide IMG_1205all of our white goods too - the landlord does NOTHING!!!!  It's fairly spacious - there are units behind me too so I have loads of space to put all my china - which incidentally all arrived completely intact, despite all of the boxes being upended in the container!  A miracle happened there.

Downstairs we also have a maids room (tiny box-room to you and me), two bathrooms and also a laundry area which gets BOILING hot as there's no air-con in that area - and yes, bonkers as I may be, I have bought a tumble dryer!!!

IMG_1206Upstairs we have 3 really good sized bedrooms and 2 further bathrooms.  Here is the children's room - they decided they wanted to share, and given that Ella's current desire is to be a boy, the colour blue for their room was an acceptable choice to both of them!!  As you can see, their room gives them loads of space to move about and a good amount of storage for their toys too (they have far too many)!!

IMG_1209I haven't taken a photo of the second bedroom as it is such a complete pig-sty!!!  It's high on my priority list though as I have my great friend Janine coming over next week and it's where she will sleep!!!!  Perhaps I had better get off the computer then!!  Finally, we have our bedroom which is really quite big - that's a super-king size bed, so it gives you a good idea of the space we have.   As you can see, we have done virtually nothing to this room apart from to buy a bed and have piles of stuff in the corner.  Again - a job for this week!

The final photo is why we fought for this house . . . . . this is the view from our balcony.  IMG_1210You can see on the left that there is a children's playground right across the road.  What you can't quite see in the photo on the far right is the community swimming pool.  It is lifeguarded from 7am until 10.30pm and there's a kids pool too.  There is also a basketball court and a tennis court.  Having this right across the road means that it is so easy for the kids to have a run and jump IMG_1211and swim if and when they want to, rather than a more planned outing to the pool in the car (in the summer, you don't want to walk outside for more than  minute if you don't have to - at 45 degrees, you really would pass out)!!

That's about it for now folks!  I will write more again soon!











That's about it for now folks!  I will write more again soon!

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