Tuesday, 15 January 2008

It rains here too

Well, today has apparently caused chaos on the roads - and to my boots might I add.  It is now raining heavily for the third day in a row and everyone is finding it "unbelievable" and saying things like "we never have rain like this in Dubai".

Well, perhaps we have brought the British weather with us - however, we have certainly not brought the British approach.  I was desperate to go out this afternoon - the kids needed walking so to speak, and we also needed milk!  Fortunately, we had all brought our coats with us.  When we were at Heathrow, I was cursing the coats - there were 4 more things to carry and I just wondered whether we should bin them as we weren't going to need them in "hot" Dubai, but for fear of causing a security alert and closing the whole of the airport down, we stumbled onto the plane with them.

rainydubaiBoy, am I glad we did - in my venture out to get milk, which is perhaps a 5 minute walk away, I was told by the staff here "don't go ma'am - it's too wet" - I even had a boy trying to follow me with a golfing umbrella.  But no, raincoat on and the kids with their hoods up, off we went.  The worst bit was getting onto the pavement - the buggy got stuck in the waterlogged sand and poor Oliver was up to his mid-calf in rainwater.  We kept on going.  Meanwhile the bell-boys from the hotel were standing there staring at us open-mouthed, thinking we were just bonkers.  Once we had got on the pavement, we were absolutely fine - yes, it was raining hard, but frankly I've done a worse school run . . . . .

I'm not knocking the locals - the roads really are dreadful - they just aren't equipped to deal with any water - they absorb no water and there is no camber, so the rain just sits on the road.  Schools are closed today and there are reports of roads being closed.  Frankly, I'm glad some of the roads are closed - the speed demons here in the cars can just about stop on the dry roads, but I'm not sure they have even heard of the word aquaplane . . . . !

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