Sunday, 13 January 2008

Search for a house . . . .

Well, today we went looking at houses.  We looked at some yesterday, but discounted them as they were too small, but this one has piqued our interest and we thought we would share it with you.

In order to get the size house that we were looking for (a good sized 3 bedroom), we have had to go to Palmera in Arabian Ranches – about 20 minutes from the city centre by one of the highways.  The houses closer to the city were much smaller with small gardens - one of the reasons for moving here was that we would try and get the kids (and us) outside more and therefore we figured we would try to get as good value as we can with a good garden.  This particular house you can see below:


This is the view from the back of the house – it’s linked on the other side.  In this house you get 3 good sized double bedrooms upstairs + 2 bathrooms.  Downstairs, there is a good sized kitchen, lounge dining room, playroom/other room, bathroom and maids room – a study for us probably.  But what makes this particular house special is the garden . . . . . . our expectations were low, but this completely blew us away.  In the first photo, I am standing just outside the middle of the house (by the sloping roof at the LHS of the above picture) looking right, and in the second photo, I am standing in the same place, looking left.  Tim reckons it must be about 80 feet from side to side and about 15 feet in depth.

You can see from the first picture, that this house backs on to the desert.  I have to say that it would be quite nicclip_image002e to see the horizon – on the other side, we are clearly surrounded by more houses with about a 5 foot wall going all of the way round.  You will also notice that the garden is made of SAND (all these houses are built on desert sand, which you see all around you at the city limits)!!!!!  Apparently because it is a brand new house, until they find tenants, they won’t consider putting a garden in as it will require maintaining and more importantly. . . . . water.  When we decide whether we would likclip_image003e the house, then we start to work out the garden with the landlord.  For the most part, it will probably be paved or block paving with a small amount of grass and shrubbery.  The kids are quite gutted about the fact that the sand will go – they quite fancy the idea of living in a giant sand-pit. 

Water is very expensive here, for obvious reasons – and sometimes, you can run out of water for a couple of days . . . . . it happens apparently!  You have your large tank of fresh-water, under the concrete of your garage which provides a bit of back up, but then you just have to wait for a tanker of fresh water to come and top up the tanks!!!  Quite something really.

The photo underneath is taken from me standing right at the end of the garden looking back . . . . unfortunately, I have no pictures of the inside – I completely forgot to take pictures, but will next time!!


We haven’t yet decided whether this is the house for us or not, but we will tell you when we do decide!!!

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