Tuesday, 15 January 2008

View from the Top!

I’ve been asked loads of times what the view is like from our apartment – so here goes.

Firstly, I would like to point out what a big deal it is that you have these photos . . . . you will know that I hate edges.  Tim laughs at me about this, but I’m OK with heights unless I look right over the edge, which is what really sends me loopy.  In order to get these pictures, I had to kind of hang my arms and shoulders out of the window in the apartment.  I have been very brave . . . . . (for me)!


Weather is really rubbish.  It wasn’t too bad for the first few days but since the weekend, it has turned really rainy and stormy.  Tim said that on his way to work this morning, some of the roundabouts were a foot high with water!  Because they don’t get rain very often (allegedly a few days a year) there is no drainage on the roads so the water just hangs about in massive pools until the sun or atmosphere soaks it all up again.  Apparently, some schools are shut because of the rain.  Funny isn’t it!  I have therefore triIMG_1042ed to take decent pictures out of our windows, but a) the windows are filthy because of all these storms and the building dirt; and b) it’s so dull outside, they’re a bit dark and grotty.

The first is facing left towards the mouth of the marina, the second is straight on (the Grosvenor House Hotel) and the  third is looking right to Jumeirah Beach (the Habtoor Grand hotel and the Royal Meridien you can just about see, which is where the beach club access is for here).  Tim no doubt would have stitched them up better, but you get the drift!  You can see that the marina is still under construction and what


you see in the photos here of the waterways is about a quarter of it – it’s huge.  Some blocks are finished – some are clearly still being done.  Interestingly enough, the apartment we invested in last year, is partially built on the other side of this building – so it does exist after all!!

The marina itself has loads of housing and hotels – as you can see.  What you can’t see from these photo’s is a lovely walkway and restaurants which are near the boats (photo 1).  We were there the other day for dinner and it’s a very relaxed atmosphere with kids running about and people having coffee or dinner.  That’s where our local supermarket is too.

Will update you more as we do more . . . .

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