Friday, 11 January 2008

Where are we?

Thought we would show you where we are living right now.  We are in serviced apartments, which will act as a base for one month until we are more settled.

Tim’s firm pay for one month’s accommodation in this place until a) our stuff arrives here on the ship and b) until our visa’s are all in place.  So, we have until 5th February to get everything sorted out.  We are in a 2-bedroom apartment, which has in total – a lounge, dining room, kitchen, laundry cupboard, maids room (no maid though), twin bedroom for the kids, master bedroom and 3 bathrooms.  It’s cleaned for us twice daily, but they won’t do our washing up or laundry!!!!  Fair enough really.

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1 - This is the lounge with Tim on the computer.  We have a pretty good view onto the other buildings on the marina, but right now, it looks like more of a building site as there are so many buildings being built.  We can vouch for the fact that they are workingclip_image004 24 hours a day – don’t think we’ve had a decent night’s sleep since we’ve been here, but I think that’s because of everything else going on in our world!

2 - Dining room – it never takes long for stuff to appear on the table does it!! 

3 - This is the kids room – already with soft toys in place.  A really good amount of space here, but right in the middle, you can see that window which opens . . . . . why, oh why, did they put that there????  And I can’t lock it . . . . .  but at least we don’t have a balcony like some of the apartments here. 

4 – Master bedroom – massive bed, which unfortunately the children regularly set up camp in (bit messy already but you get the drift)!


5 - The kitchen has everything we need – massive oven and hob, dishwasher, toaster, microwave, coffee maker etc.  Well furnished, but we just need to find the supermarket!

Along with the pool and gym here, we also get unlimited access to a Beach Club, which is so lovely!  Loads of fun pools, grassy areas and the beach.  I took the kids down there the other day while Tim was trying to get parts of his visa sorted, and to their credit they got in the pool.  There was an evil wind blowing and it was freezing.  The pool was heated to a reasonable 30 degrees, but the moment you got out, the wind just got you.  We walked down to the beach and the children were so cold that they had to run about to get the blood pumping and then they flopped down onto a sun-lounger and buried themselves in towels as a makeshift bed.  Once that wind dies down (known as a shamal wind), things will feel warmer.  We have seen the odd sandstorm though – not that exciting, but remember to wear your sunglasses or goggles at worst as the sand in your eyes is rather brutal!

Until later . .  xx

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