Sunday, 27 April 2008


Apologies for the lack of writing this diary of mine, but we have all been so busy recently, with the school holidays and then most importantly with the arrival of Tim's mother Sarah and her partner Reg.  They stayed with us for a lovely two weeks and it reminded us how lovely it is to have family nearby.

Sarah and Reg threw themselves into the sightseeing within hours.  They went on the Big Bus Tourbigbus (the same company that runs the Bus Tour in London), which took them all over Dubai via all of the major sights.  They did a dhow cruise along the creek,walked for hours in the dust and hot sun and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, we believe.  They explored parts of Dubai that Tim and I have yet to see.  Ashamed as I am to admit P1000070it, I haven't been into Deira since we have moved here (although I have been when on holiday here).  Deira is the old part of Dubai, the original part of Dubai next to the creek.  My world of school runs, supermarket shopping and everyday life doesn't really take me that far into the city.  I have, however visited the Gold Souk (see above) - purely for my own gain!  They managed the lot!

Sadly, for most of the trip, the children were at school and Tim was working, but Tim did take a morning off in order to go deep sea fishing.  They had to get up at 4am and drive north for 90 minutes where they had to visit the police station to effectively register themselves as going off-shore - presumably so they could be allowed back in again!  Apparently, Tim was completely relaxed and chilled, which is a far cry from daily life here.   P1000153

The sea, as you can see, is perfectly still with no waves whatsoever.  The trip even managed to produce 5 good sized fish, which were gutted by Reg and cooked by Tim on the BBQ.  Apparently, they were rather tasty, although they really stank the house out!!  Tim is quite keen to go again and to take the children.

Tim also took Reg & Sarah out on a Dune Desert Safari - in short, P1000092 you are picked up in a 4x4 vehicle and driven into the desert, where they were thrown around rather, as they whizzed up and down and slid down a pile of sand dunes.  They had a blast!

In short, I think we all had a whale of a time while they were here.  Sarah & Reg certainly had the energy of teenagers - in fact, one night, they pitched up after a night out - clubbing - at 3am.  The oldies surprised the kids once again - they still have it in them!!!

We were sorry to see them go!  However, we're off to get some rest - we can't keep up the pace!  

Until next time  x