Monday, 19 May 2008

Emirates News


We have a channel here - Dubai One - which is a very popular mainstream channel, rather than an obscure satellite channel.  Perhaps it could be the region's BBC1.  Every night, we sit down to watch Emirates News - a half hour round up of the day's headlines.

I have to include this as a separate entry on my blog, as Emirates News consistently provides and equal amount of  entertainment and frustration for Tim and I. 

I am providing you with tonight's stories - the programme is 30 mins long and these are the stories that were reported on - I have left nothing out.  These are in order of being reported:

  1. The President of the UAE is heading to Saudi Arabia tomorrow to participate in a meeting of government officials of GCC
  2. Vice president of the UAE (and Ruler of Dubai) is off to France tomorrow to meet President Sarkozy
  3. Vice president of the UAE today received US Secretary of Education
  4. Dubai customs today announced recommendations “to reinforce war against counterfeiting and piracy”
  5. Dubai construction companies are warned to follow midday break rules – 2 hour break at heat of the day for all employees
  6. Bakery fined 1000 Dirhams (£140) for an insect in the bread (incidentally it didn't say whether it was a mosquito or a beetle)
  7. A study has been published on human trafficking in the UAE – the ultimate result being that there is no evidence of trafficking in the UAE. However, there is a Human Rights office in Dubai to support and repatriate any possible human trafficking victims . . (but they must be really quiet because officially it doesn’t exist, right?)
  8. Ajman (a northern Emirate) is cracking down on tobacco products – there is now a ban on import and sale of all kinds of chewing tobacco and tobacco products – penalties are 10,000 (£1400) if violated
  9. Bird-strikes. How is the UAE going to cope with the anticipated threat of bird-strikes and the increasing air-traffic within the UAE
  10. Watersports in the Dubai – watch out for strong winds and waves
  11. Today’s market and currency prices (yes, the dollar is still weak)
  12. Weather outlook for tomorrow: go on, I dare you, have a guess . . !

So, the crisis in China, or Burma . . .  not a bean . . . absolutely nothing worldwide at all - just happy, jolly, Emirates News!

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