Sunday, 8 June 2008

What do I miss/like/dislike . . . ??

I have had this entry on the go now for quite some time - to add to when I find something I particularly like or dislike . . .. the time has come for me to just publish it!


What do I miss?

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Green fields (yes, there are green spaces around us - including our garden, but make mo mistake, water is about double the price as in the UK.  Our water bill is about £100 per month)
  4. Sliced White bread - it's just not the same here (oh, and the kids miss custard)!!!
  5. Decent TV & the BBC (see previous blog entry)
  6. A corner shop to pick up a pint of milk - here, it's a 30 min round trip for forgotten groceries


What I don't think I will ever miss from the UK . . .

  1. Paying tax
  2. The prices of everything (from groceries to petrol)
  3. The weather
  4. The newspapers - or content of.  Here it is much more factual and censored.


What I really like here . . .

  1. The generally happy people (maybe it's the sunshine) and can-do attitude
  2. Good service (if you can make yourself understood with the differing languages)
  3. Being pampered - be it through never having to fill up the car with petrol or maid service at home.  All help comes at a very reasonable price and with a smile.
  4. The lifestyle - more outdoors things to see and do. 
  5. The education that the children are getting - so far it seems very good!


What do I not like here?

  1. The craziness on the roads - unbelievably stupid driving from the majority
  2. Driving about 100 km a day in such craziness!
  3. Roundabouts suddenly in the middle of motorways! 
  4. The fact that deaths on the roads are reported in every paper on every day - it makes me drive even slower much to Tim's disgust!
  5. The lack of protection within the law.  Jail and deportation is common.  Drinking (even one glass) and driving - immediate jail time; accidentally killing or hurting someone on the road - immediate jail time; not that I ever intend to do these things, but I feel a little unprotected should I ever find myself in these situations!
  6. The censorship, which appears random.  Even "Friends" is heavily censored and is generally reduced to about 15 minutes in length as they just cut out so many scenes!  Yet violent films (e.g. Kill Bill) is shown at 2 o'clock in the afternoon without many scenes removed!
  7. The dust - but given that we live in the desert, Tim just tells me to "get over it"!


I've also been making a list of some of the things I need to bring back with me in the summer.  So far, I have:

  1. Bird's powdered custard
  2. Jelly cubes (am sure it's here somewhere, but I can't find it)
  3. Books for me (very expensive here)
  4. Smoke Detectors!

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