Monday, 21 July 2008

Fun City, Dubai

Last week, Tim had a well-earned day off, so we decided to take the children to Fun City.  We had heard that it was worth going to, yet we couldn't really find any details on what it actually was!  Internet sites here in Dubai are not that great - even for common attractions.  So, off we set on a very hot dusty day for Airport Expo (the exhibition centre where it was being held in the summer season).

IMG_2195We paid about £2.50 to get in, which was a good start - and we walked through the doors.  All I can say is . . . . . . "what do you go for a fairground in Dubai when it's too hot to be outside" . . . . simple answer . . . . you build one indoors!  And that, in a nutshell is Fun City.  It is themed around an Arabic character called Modhesh - who is the Dubai Summer mascot.  Our children think he's great!


We spent time on the fairground attractions, along with indoor playgrounds, Playstations, bumper-cars - then having lunch at the international food-court.  IMG_2199

All in all it was a most enjoyable day - the children loved it and for those parents out there, you will know that if the kids are happy, generally the adults are happy!





A great day out.


Rebicmel said...

Fantastic time to be had by all! I love the new header, not that it matters but seeing your children with bright smiling faces, well it makes you smile.

Nothing greater than the laughter and smiles of children. I bet they really loved the ball area. I think I might have enjoyed playing there myself, one is never to old to romp around in brightly colored plastic balls in my humble opinion.

Y'all have a great week. Glad you all had fun.

poppa k said...

Can we go there in October please? Looks like serious fun!