Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Hot tap, cold tap . . . . which tap?

I can tell that the weather is hotting up here without even going out of the house . . . .  and that is by having a shower!

In the house, we have water tanks above each bathroom which are heated by a kind of immersion heater.  Tim gets a bit freaked out at the cost of running 5 full tanks (one for each bathroom and one for the kitchen) but it's just the way things are here. 

Anyway, the water in the shower has been getting increasingly warm in recent days.  So, as logic tells me, I've been turning the shower on, using only the cold tap, which is nice and tepid.  Today though it was too hot for comfort.  Not scalding or anything, but just a little bit warm for me.  But considering that only the cold tap was on, there wasn't a huge amount I could do.  The same applied to cold tap when I was brushing my teeth.  It's kind of strange brushing teeth with warm water.

I didn't think any more of it until I spoke to a friend today (a friend who has been here for about 5 years so knows all about these things).  "Oh, she said . . .  what you need to do is to turn off your water heater and then turn the tap to hot when you have a shower." 

"O-k-a-y", I thought, thinking she had just got things muddled, but no.  It appears that the water that is kept in the hot water tank, which when not switched on, is cold.  It is kept cold by the air-conditioning in the house.  If that water is too cold to shower in, then you turn on the cold tap and mix it together.  The cold tap brings in water stored in the pipes under the ground . . . .  which are hot because it's 40+ degrees outside.

Confused?  Makes sense when you think about it, but not when I'm all bleary at 6am.


Rebicmel said...

Goodness sounds like a sauna of sorts. I lived in West Texas, which is a desert land in America, the hottest days could bring in 115 degree weather, but you could cool yourself in a shade as there was no humidity.

Seems like those summer months turned the water hot as well.

keithsimages said...

I'm going to get totally confused when I come to visit!

Entertaining as ever Alice - love to you all.

ps. I see my mate Missy has found you. She's one lovely lady and a very good friend.

Rebicmel said...

I know you are aware of Keith's writing blog, but I started a blog for short stories and he kindly submitted a couple. If you look to the left and scroll down you will come to his name. Give them a read if you get the chance. :)

Have a great day on your part of the world.