Monday, 14 July 2008

It's getting hot out here . . .

Today, temperatures his 46 degrees C and my sunglasses steamed up the moment I stepped outside the house or out of the car.  It's the first day this summer 2008 in Dubai where the temps have hit this number. 

They will probably start to climb even higher as we approach August, but in Dubai, the temperature never hits 50 degrees.  The reason - because that's when all the hotel and construction workers have to down tools and stop working. 


To give you an idea of what 46 degrees is, the following ideas simulate the current climate:

1 - turn on your hairdryer and stand in the blast; or

2 - turn on the hand-dryer in your local public conveniences;

3 - open the oven door.

Fortunately, we have working air-conditioning in the house and car, but spare a thought for my friend today who had her hair cut and blow dried in a salon . . . where the air con wasn't working.

That's just not funny.

I'm off to jump in the pool . . .  the only way to survive!


Rebicmel said...

Now that is hot girl. Do you have humidity there? Thank goodness for air conditioning like you said and for having a pool. Don't forget to wear lots of sunblock though, the sun is murder on skin.

The temps here in Oklahoma are now rising. We've kind of been spoiled with much rainfall(to much) but it's kept the temps down. Now all is drying out and the heat is getting it's revenge.

Heat and humidity makes for some nasty summer days. Have a great day, and y'all stay cool.


poppa k said...

It's not hot here! We did manage half of your temperature today which was actually very pleasant.