Saturday, 26 July 2008


The children are doing very well with their swimming.  It's fair to say that they were both non-swimmers when we came out here, but after 6 months of swimming a few times a week in our pool, they are now quite proficient.

They have very little technique, apart from what comes naturally, but they have the confidence to now dive in and out of the pool - and with a snorkel, they can both swim under water for a length. 

Here's them saying hello!



Missy said...

Aww that looks like so much fun! The water looks inviting and cool. We've officially hit over a hundred degrees in temps here. Very hot. Looking at this water makes me want to go swimming.

Don't forget the sunscreens, preferably something with zinc oxide in it. Keeps it from being washed off when in the water.

poppa k said...

Glug blob guggle plop blop guggle.Gluggle blob hic blob blubble! Glug blug blob?

Missy said...

Poppa K is that a way of telling your grandkids you adore them and you wish you were there with them glugging along :)

poppa k said...

Yes I do and no I don't!!!I'd rather watch than participate!

Missy said...

Keith it's okay boyo a little water won't melt ya and look at all the fun that could be had romping around with those cute grandbabies!!!

Now get in there and splash around this minute mister!!!