Sunday, 31 August 2008

Great British Traditions

Yes, we have had rubbish weather in England, but I'm going to gloss over that and talk about great British traditions - most of which I think we experienced this holiday.

Fish and Chips, eaten out of the paper, at the seaside.

Pick your own fruit
We all had such a good time picking strawberries at the farm.  We tried not to eat too many! DSC00127



Tramping around a muddy Farm
We held rats, bunnies and fed goats and sheep.  It just has to be done - the kids enjoy it!DSC00062


Pub Lunch
We had a few of these!  You can't beat ploughmans and a pint!

A Picnic (rain optional)
Ours was in the rain - but it was great nevertheless - probably had something to do with the great company we had!

The Beach
This time it was Eastbourne beach, on a fairly good day.


A day at a Castle
Ours was Windsor Castle - with the folks!DSC00383

We also had a great time meeting up with all of our old friends and family - am not sure if there was anyone we didn't catch up with at least once.  Thanks for everyone's hospitality!!!

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