Tuesday, 23 September 2008


As many of you will know, I am freaked out by the thought of either an earthquake, a volcano, a tsunami . . . .

Whilst I am pleased to say that this does not affect me on a day to day basis, what I can guarantee you is this is the reason why I would never move to the western USA for example.  When Tim went to Seattle with work, I admit that I am enough of a muppet to check whether Seattle is in danger from the San Andreas fault and resulting tsunamis . . . !

(I can't quite believe that I am airing my neuroses in public, but don't hold it against me!)

According to Wikipedia - Dubai is in a very stable zone  — the nearest seismic fault line, the Zargos Fault, is 120 km from the UAE and is unlikely to have any seismic impact on Dubai.  Experts also predict that the possibility of a tsunami in the region is also minimal because the Persian Gulf waters are not deep enough to trigger a tsunami. 

If this is the case, then why was there an earthquake here earlier this month?  Not huge perhaps, but enough for the tall buildings to be evacuated!!!!  The epicentre was in Iran and reached 6.1 on the Richter scale.earthquake  

I didn't feel a thing . . !!!  I was in a children's play centre at the time - but Tim felt it at his desk.  His building is only 3 stories tall, so I don't believe they bothered to get out!

However, given that the world's tallest building is currently being built in Dubai, it begs the question - will it be safe? 

Guess what? . . . . . . I did some research!!

Here are some facts about Burj Dubai - soon to be the tallest tower in the world:

burj dubai

1 - it is built from heavy duty concrete, which (apparently) should not cause it to collapse (like the twin towers which were steel framed)

2 - Safety features include reinforced 'refuge rooms' on every 25 floors, complete with independent air supplies, plus extra staircases and luminous paint on all escape routes.

3 - The supporting pillars have been designed with a 'long-wave' effect to absorb any earthquake activity along the Iran/Iraq fault-line (see above).

4 - The foundations drop 150ft (46m) below ground and the three-pronged 'footprint' of the building replicates the design of a desert flower.

The exact height has not yet been revealed but it has been confirmed that there will be an observation deck on 124th floor . . . . . . . . will I get up there?  Not a chance!


Missy said...

I live in the US as you know and it scares me being central USA!!! there are so many fault lines that run underneath even Oklahoma. The West Coast which includes Washington, Utah, California, Oregon, these areas specifically are in dangers positions when it comes to earthquakes.

Okay so like anything created by man or earth is not reliable when it comes to mother nature, even if they thing they have fail proof areas I wouldn't believe it. Mother Nature has a way of undermining mans capabilities. A sink hole could open up under that building regardless of its safety measures.

It scares me looking at it. I'd probably never go into it lol I am a big chicken!!!!!!!!! bock bock bock. Yep something about heights and such make my skin crawl

*runs away*....Y'all have a great week!!! Loved your post

Anonymous said...

hey guys britney of arabia here, not sure how to contact you direct - love your blog and thanks for your comments!