Monday, 1 September 2008

Overnight Flights - I'm getting too old . . !

We are now back in Dubai after an horrendous night flight home.  I was travelling on my own with the children as hubby had come back the previous week.  The children, for a change, were fantastic - thanks courtesy to their Nintendo DS and the in-flight entertainment system.

However, I do have to publicly criticise Virgin Atlantic and their approach to an overnight flight.  Imagine if you will:

  • a 6.5 hour flight departing at 9pm and arriving local time at 6.30am;
  • we take off on time and the pre-dinner drinks service starts at 10pm (1am local time);
  • evening meal follows at around 10.30pm (1.30am)
  • trays are cleared away at approximately midnight (3am) and we have "clearance" to recline our seats;
  • lights go down for sleep;
  • 2 hours later (5am local time), the lights come back on again for breakfast; and
  • 1.5 hours later, we land.

I have to ask - what is the point?  Who wants a full meal that late at night, followed by breakfast 2 hours later . . .??  I have respect for the cabin crew and honestly, it could be the easiest shift in history if they just give passengers what is sensible - in my eyes, it is the following:

  • a good quality packet of sandwiches and mug of hot chocolate (or nightcap) once in the air;
  • lights down for sleep pretty much straight-away (after all, there are individual lights if someone wants to read)
  • a banana and box of orange juice as we prepare to land.

Wouldn't that be better for everyone - both passengers and crew?  In fairness to Virgin, Emirates are no different - oh, except that they tried to feed the children curry!)

My children didn't sleep much - perhaps that was because their dinner consisted of (good quality) chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and vegetables (good) a bottle of sugary "Fruit Shoot" and a massive gingerbread man (Virgin - have a brain - children - sugar - night flight . . !).  E finally went to sleep as the wheels went down for landing, leaving me to carry a child, handbag, hand luggage and duty free off the plane, whilst also guiding a very sleepy 5 year old.

I have come to the conclusion that, like nightclubbing, I am far too old for overnight flights. 

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Missy said...

Welcome back home. Wow what a schedule for flights. I think I would hate that as well.

Hope your holiday was a good one. I know right after one, it seems like tiredness sets in and then comes the recoup time from the holiday lol.

Glad you made it hope safely. Take care Hillman family.