Sunday, 9 November 2008

Appropriate or Inappropriate?

Anyone who is living in Dubai - or perhaps a Daily Mail reader - will have seen this photograph before.

My reason for posting the picture on my blog is simple . . . . I LOVE IT!!!  This photo has been used whenever a disparaging article is written about foreigners (probably the British) not respecting the local traditions and culture.


This picture was apparently taken at the Dubai World Cup last year and clearly shows a "westerner" in rather skimpy clothing next to a more suitably dressed (for the region) Arabic lady.

My question is . . . . do you really think that the lady in black is thinking "what a terrible outfit - how dare she wear something like this in my country" . . . . . or is she thinking "what lovely hair and a very pretty dress"??? 

Meanwhile, her husband is most probably thinking, "look at the legs on that!"


Missy said...

Okay I'll take the first stab at this since a lot of your readers never leave a comment lol.

I would say the woman is wishing she could get away with wearing something like that. Maybe she is in fact wearing something under her black attire.

wow if I had legs like that I'd sure be wearing it. well maybe just a wee bit longer but I'd love it.


keithsramblings said...

I won't say what I'm thinking!