Sunday, 23 November 2008

I should be so lucky . .

The Dubai Winter Season is upon us and that brings with it plenty of outdoor entertainment as the weather is truly lovely (sorry everyone out there where it's raining or snowing). 

The Atlantis resort on The Palm had its formal opening last Friday which hit the worldwide press.  I’m sure you will have seen the amazing firework show which lit up Dubai . . . . if not, you can view it here:

Did we see it.  No.  Dubai and it's beaches were pretty much on lockdown from 4pm that afternoon.  Some lucky folks viewed it from the high floors of neighbouring hotels!  Residents of The Palm were told that they were not allowed to use their private beaches and that they were not allowed out between 4pm and 2am.  All down to security we believe – and the huge amount of pyrotechnics that would have been everywhere!  Needless to say, I had an early night and was asleep by 10pm.  But what a shame.  It was incredible to see, albeit on a video clip!

However, Friday night we went to see Kylie Minogue onstage here . . . . it was great!  It was a clip_image001very civilised affair with only about 20,000 in attendance.  Well behaved, despite there being free flowing alcohol.  Despite it being an Islamic country, the “venue” was next door to one of the big hotels, so it managed to get a liquor license through the hotel . . . . . strange! 

There were those of us who were quite old – and by that, I mean those of us who remember her from her Neighbours days, and there were also those young ones present who know her current music.  It was very funny when she played an “old” song and all us oldies were jumping and clapping whilst the “young” ones looked on in amazement!  I felt my age many-a-time!!!

We got quite close to the stage and had a laugh. 



Next up I think is George Michael who plays in a couple of weeks in Abu Dhabi and Sting a week after that.  But before that, we have the Dubai Rugby 7s which is this weekend.  We are taking the children for “family day” – not entirely sure what that is, but we are assured they will enjoy it.  Let’s hope so – I can’t imagine my two wanting to sit still enough to watch a whole day of rugby!!!  We will keep you posted!

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keith hillman said...

I believe she is very small - good job you were near the stage! Saw the fireworks on TV - amazing! The whole opening was covered in depth here, right down to the pretty impressive guest list and even the menu!

( I got here before Melissa! Yipee!)