Tuesday, 11 November 2008

It's Party Time . . .


We’ve been threatening it for ages . . .

We moved into our house in February and said “we must have a party” – time marched on and we didn’t.  Then we thought about it again and the weather was just too hot.  We have finally – just 10 months after moving into our house – thrown a housewarming party (combined with our birthday party).  About time!



We had an amazing time, although it is really hard hosting a party for a lot of people!  We invited a fair few people – our friends from schools, friends from work, friends from all over really – everyone is very social here . . . .   How lovely that we had a headcount of about 60-70 (including children) turn up last Friday.

We had decided to do something a little bit special. We hired a “Shawarma Man” to do the catering.   Shawarma is a Middle Eastern style sandwich typically filled with chicken. 


The classic shawarma combination is arabic bread (a thinner type of pitta bread), filled with tomato, pickles, cucumber, chicken.



Shawarma is simple fare, but when prepared well, is gloriously mouth-watering – this was no exception, although I was too busy talking to people that I only had one!  I have to thank my fellow blogger, The Englishman in Dubai for the introduction to his shawarma man.



We hired a magician and a bouncy castle for the children – to keep them amused while the grown-ups knocked back a few, and knocked back a few we did.  DSC00687The stragglers left at about midnight and that's when we resumed our roles as parents and put the children to bed!

Next year is a "big number birthday" - that's all I'm saying . . . . . what will we do then . . . ??



Missy said...

Congratulations. The festivities sounded like they were a success, for the adults and the kids.

keithsramblings said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. I'd have loved to have been there. Tims party next?

rosey said...

I'd love a go on that bouncy castle. I don't see them much here any more. People say they are dangerous. I say they are spoil sports.

Anonymous said...

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