Sunday, 9 November 2008

Telephone Culture


blackberry There are many of you out there who will laugh at me when you read this admission . . . .

When I lived in the UK, I pretty much refused to use my mobile phone – I did carry one for emergencies, but for the most part, my attitude was “if people want to get hold of me, they can leave a message on my machine at home”.

I didn’t know what my number was and I turned the thing on, maybe once a week – if I remembered! It wasn’t that I was a techno-phobe, I just couldn’t be bothered with it all . . . some people did get a bit cross with me.

However, the culture here is very different. No-one really phones anyone at home – I’m not even sure that everyone has a land line! Dubai’s social scene seems to exist on phoning/texting people’s mobiles.  Heaven help me if I lost my contacts list – every number I need for my life is stored in it!! I now send hundreds of texts every month and my phone is rarely far from sight.  Similarly, my family and friends from the UK do send me loads of e-mails and I spend a huge amount of time on the computer.  I rarely surf the net these days as I don’t have time – I simply send and receive a good amount of mail from those far away – which I love sending and receiving (keep them coming)!  I was completely gutted when my mail server went down, somewhere on the other side of the world, for the best part of a week, which meant couldn’t get any of my mails. . . . my world nearly stopped turning.  How very sad.

For my birthday – Tim bought me a BlackBerry.  An all-singing, all dancing machine (a smart-phone I think it is called) which is not only my phone but offers me permanent access to my e-mail. It is wonderful!  It now pings when I get an e-mail, bleeps when I get a text message and rings when I get a phone call.  I can even have MSN Messenger conversations on it – that is, if I learn to type fast enough on the little QWERTY keyboard!  All my contacts are now synchronized with my e-mail!  Even better, it is programmed to turn off at 10pm and to switch on again at 6am Dubai time (a girl always needs her 8 hours).

How things have changed – in a good way?  Or I am I just a sad, desperate person who can’t bear to be on her own and out of contact with people?

The answer – my family and friends rock my world and given that I am so far from so many of them, it makes the world feel that little bit smaller!


Missy said...

Hey modern technology has its moments. Congrats on the BlackBerry. I know many who can't live without them.

keithsramblings said...

I've got a little hand held devise now which means I can relieve the boredom of my daily commute by playing on the internet and emailing. Trouble is the wretched thing has very tiny buttons and I have fat fingers!