Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Dubai Rugby 7s

We tried something new last weekend - taking the children to a "family day" at the Dubai Rugby 7s . . . . . we have both been to rugby matches in the past but had no idea how the children would fare - given that their attention spans regularly leave a lot to be desired!

We went with another family who have three children and settled ourselves in the family stand.  The "family stand" was part of the grandstand, which fortunately was in the shade for most of the day (a nice touch), where only families with children were allowed.  No alcohol was allowed in this section - there was a nice fun atmosphere too.  (Strangely enough, there was alcohol being sold everywhere and most of the hardened rugby followers were drinking heavily. Normally you can only buy alcohol where it is attached to an international hotel with a liquor license, but this event took place in a stadium a half hour into the desert, so I have no idea how alcohol was allowed . . . odd.)

I had gone prepared - colouring books for the children and Nintendo DS's on standby.  What I hadn't realised was that there was lots of fabulous music and dancingDSC00948 in between the matches.  Everyone was having a great time, including our little girl, who turned into a bit of a rocker, dancing the day away.

We were supporting Wales - or England, depending on who was playing.  Our friends were a mixture of Australian and Irish.  I don't think the children really knew who they were supporting after a while!  It was great fun though.


We got there before lunch and left after a cracking match between New Zealand and Australia at 7pm.  Totally exhausted!

From an adult perspective, every time I have watched rugby in the UK, I have been wrapped up to the nines in coats, hats and scarves.  How great it was to be sitting on the sidelines in a t-shirt!


The kids are now asking whether they can now go to the World Rugby 7s, which Dubai is hosting in March.


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