Monday, 12 January 2009

The Dubai Mall Aquarium

Last week, we visited one of the largest Malls in the world. As always, out here, it just has to be the biggest or break some sort of world record . . . shame though that half of the retail space is still empty. I can honestly say that I have never seen such a concentration of coffee shops in my entire life! It is huge though and you really do need a map to navigate your way around.

The children were moaning about going "shopping" - clearly the dullest thing to do in their world - Ella was stropping and refused to walk. I cajoled and ultimately started to drag her and when we rounded the corner, funnily enough she came to life!

She saw the Dubai Mall Aquarium! It is enormous and fantastic. The acrylic panel is about 38m wide and about 8m high. It's huge! Behind it are some 80 species or marine life including sharks, stingray, beautiful (and ugly) fish! Initially, the children were actually quite scared - some of the fish are quite big and I suppose for a small person, this could be quite threatening. But, given a bit of time, they started to inch closer to the glass and see what they could discover.

DSC01130 DSC01153 DSC01148

Here are some photographs of the children at the aquarium - which is free to view by the way - always a bonus! I have also tried to put together a couple of photographs which show just how large this aquarium is!


Interestingly enough, E had a nightmare that night – apparently a shark was trying to get through her bedroom window!!  Who would have thought it would have brought on a bad dream!!


Mike and Taya Paige said...


We are a family from California and just arrived in Dubai ourselves in an attempt to make a home as well. We actually just stopped by the aquarium yesterday and were wowed. The picture of your kids was great! Where are you all from? I'd love to hear from you guys and see what you are up to here!! You can email us at or visit our blog at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Syigim said...

hello! i went to dubai mall on its opening day last yr - january 09 and still a lot of retails not open? hmm...i hope they fill 'em up soon - no point being the biggest mall in the world - empty!

have you seen the aquarium in atlantis? bring your kids, they'll love it! on that note, go to the one in sharjah too. great place!

see u around!