Sunday, 15 February 2009

Rental Renewal – in hard times

We’ve done our year – and a couple of weeks ago, our rental agreement was up for renewal.  Given that we are (still) waiting for our house to be handed over to us, we have had to extend our rental on this place for just that little bit longer.

Tim went off to sort the contract with our landlord.  Given that the whole world appears to be in financial turmoil – Dubai being absolutely no exception (house prices have tumbled because few banks are lending any money and surprisingly, rents have also decreased to their Q1, 2008 level), you would have thought that it would be relatively easy to renew our rent for 3 months.  Oh no.  Despite Sheikh Mohammed issuing a decree that there were to be no rent increases in 2009, our darling landlord demanded a 5% increase.  He also wrote an amendment to the contract stating that when we move out on 30 April, we are contract bound to leave the “garden infrastructure”.  In simple terms, we are to leave the patio, the garden sprinkler system, the water tank etc – all that we installed!  What a cheeky man.  In all honesty, we weren’t going to rip up the patio or take out the sprinkler system anyway, but that’s not the point.  He is a greedy greedy little man, with no compassion.  If we do need to extend our rental agreement, he has assured us that we will not be able to and that he will take us to the rent courts.  Such a pleasure to deal with!

What I am secretly hoping is that rents will decrease again, so that he doesn’t get as much from his next tenants. 

I will keep you updated with updates on our new house – when it is finished!


dubai rentals said...

It's common in dubai.Even I have had similar experiences.Every expirate have smilar story

Anonymous said...

Not only in Dubai! After leaving Kuwait, I was sent an invoice for KD 1700 ($US 5400 at the time) for furniture I had supposedly absconded with when I left the country (I left with two suitcases). The Kuwaiti claim was transferred to a US law firm for collection. In response, I sent photos of the apartment and furniture to the law firm, asking why anyone would think I would want the junk. That was three years ago, and I have not heard another word.