Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Ski Dubai


I thought this entry should be all about the cold, given that the UK is currently experiencing the worst snowfalls for about 20 years. Whether that is true or not, most of you guys are experiencing a harsh winter.

In solidarity, we decided to take a trip to Ski Dubai - a man made indoor ski-slope with real snow and its very own snow park where there are a few children’s snow rides and a great toboggan ride - and general snow activities. We arrived, and were handed our clothes for the session - long ski trousers, a heavy jacket and snuggly snow boots. The children got helmets too. On top of the shorts and t-shirts went all these layers, along with extra hats, gloves and scarves. It felt rather strange, but lovely and cosy.DSC01323

Through the turnstile we went and re-discovered what -6 degrees felt like.  Chilly chilly chilly. 

DSC01352 - Copy








The kids had a great time on the rides and in the snow, even though Ella thought snow was more for eating than for playing in!  But, I have to confess that we only lasted in that cold for about 1.5 hours – by that time, our feet were freezing and it just wasn’t fun any more!

Maybe next time, the adults will go back on their own to do some real skiing!


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