Tuesday, 17 March 2009

James Blunt at the Dubai Jazz Festival

We have just been to our second jazz festival.  Last year saw Courtney Pine and Robin Gibb perform (not together) and this year we went to see James Blunt.

The jazz festival is held in an amphitheatre in Dubai’s Media City, which is where Tim works.  The lovely thing about this place is that it is right between a load of skyscrapers, surrounded by palm trees, so at night, it’s beautifully lit and you can really appreciate where you are.  And, it’s a licensed event too – nothing like a glass or two of something whilst listening to the music on a balmy evening.


I stress that I went under relative duress.  Tim is a fan, but I wasn’t that bothered.  The tickets were quite expensive, but Tim has suffered by me dragging him along to enough things, that I thought I should be the darling wife and go with him. 

I was wrong.  James Blunt was fantastic and I realised that I knew far more of his music than I initially thought I did.  It did get rather melancholy in the middle when he sang beautifully tracks like “Goodbye my Lover” and “Carry you home” – if you listen to the words, they are rather sombre, BUT it perked up afterwards and I didn’t feel quite so suicidal!!!  He was great with the audience and at one point, jumped off the stage and into the crowd.  I am sure that his management would have had a heart attack at that one, but Dubai audiences are rather gentle so he was safe!

For those fans out there, here is a link to some video that we found online of his Dubai performance. 


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