Tuesday, 17 March 2009

You be the judge

I rarely get involved in the politics of living here.  Ultimately, our family has decided to live here and it is our duty to respect the country and its laws.  I would expect nothing less from anyone moving to the UK.

There is a truly terrible story which is clearly in the British press right now and it relates to a British lady apparently having been adulterous . . . . she is now in prison and will be deported.

However, she has two children who will remain in Dubai with their Muslim father . . .  as she will be deported, it is unlikely that she will see them.  Unless of course, the father does the right thing for his children and encourages contact and visitation away from the UAE.  I doubt she will care that she is in jail, but will be always thinking of her children.

I have put a link into one of the newspaper articles – you can find it here.  Forget the words of The Sun, should you wish (it’s not my favourite paper either), but the photo will be etched in my mind for a very long time.  Personally, having children of the same age, it practically ripped my heart out just to see the picture. 

But you be the judge.

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