Sunday, 24 May 2009

School Fee Increases

I’m cross.  I really am.  Let’s think for a minute about the credit crunch, the huge global monetary meltdown, the crashing prices of pretty much everything, INCLUDING here in Dubai, pay rise freezes - - - and what do we get . . . ?

A 12% increase in school fees.

The school got graded this last term and as it did well, they decided to apply for 12% school fees – and they got authorisation from the KHDA.  I am furious. 

It is a GEMS school in Dubai, who already have one of the highest school fees in the country – and yet they seem to find it appropriate to set this price hike.  To justify it in the letter to parents, they said they would be giving us more science labs, extended art room and more classrooms (which in turn will generate more fees at 12% higher than this year).  My kids are in primary – what do they get?  Nada.

Every business that I know (and yes, the GEMS chain of school is a business and not a charity) is having to make-do and stretch their resources even further in times of financial hardship.  Now is not the time to build more science labs, especially as the school is only 3 years old and already has a wealth of facilities.  They can wait, like the rest of the world, until the worldwide economy picks up.

Right, I’ve said it!  Ranting over – now I need to find out how to pay for the 12% increase!!!


Joe said...

Hello, just want to drop you a comment to say how fabulous your blog is. Stumbled across it today, and it's been a fab read. We are a British family who are moving to Dubai at the end of July, so we are frantically trying to get schools / houses sorted. A nightmare! At least you have shown it can be done!

The Hillman Family said...

Hi Joe
Thanks for your comment - glad you like it. If you need any more assistance, just let me know. One thing to remember when you're sorting out a house in Dubai right now - haggle HARD. There are bargains to be had! Good luck. Alice