Monday, 22 June 2009

Flights – Costs from Dubai

This is a particular bug-bear of mine . . . . why oh why are flights to varying international locations more expensive from Dubai than from London?

There could be a logical argument – in that Dubai might be further away than London.  I appreciate that Heathrow is the busiest airport in the world, and it’s landing charges are lower than most European counterparts, but I don’t believe it explains fully how flights originating in Dubai are so very expensive.  (Apparently Dubai has very low landing fees in relation to most European countries too.)

Let me give you an example – I thought it might be interesting to go to Cape Town.  The cheapest flight from Dubai the equivalent is £700 on Emirates Airways.  Flying from London, on exactly the same dates, via Dubai, on Emirates is a staggeringly cheap £387.  So, £300ish more to fly 7 hours less.

Similarly to fly to the UK in June from Dubai is £401.50 with one stop.  From the UK to Dubai in June on exactly the same days (which is lower season) the cheapest flight is £252.90, using the same airline and the same planes.  Absolutely crackers!

Can anyone explain this?