Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Language Barrier

As there are very few Emerati people in the workplace, most of the working population is made up of ex-pats.  A lot of people in the service industries are from the Indian sub-continent.  Many are heavily accented and there are times when it can be tricky to understand them.  Here’s an example from yesterday.  I was trying to send a package with FedEx to Moscow.

“What country you sending package?” (them)
”Russia” (me)
”Al Barsha?” (a local place in Dubai)
”No, Russia” (me)
”Yes, Barsha?” (them)
”No, Russia -the USSR” (me)
”ah, the USA madam?” (them)
”NO” (me)

Oh Lordy . . . . it went on for a while, we got there in the end . . . . nothing quite like the English language!